The Echo Handle

The Echo Handle

The nice folks at Tantus sent me the Echo Handle for my review.

First let me say this was my first time to try a Tantus product and had read so many good reviews about their dildos, I was excited to try one.  The Echo Handle comes in a solid purple or pink on their main site but I was sent this really cool color combo reminding me of a tie-die t-shirt, starting with a pink hue at the base, slowly graduating to a dark purple at the tip from their “Grab Bag”.

This is what Tantus says about their Grab Bag:

“The Tantus Grab Bag is a place where you can buy the same great toys, with the same high quality, but in an array of different colors, at amazing prices. The process by which we offer beautifully hand crafted toys requires us to change colors, and with those color changes, comes a unique and vast variety of product offerings.”

And this is how it works:

“You choose the shape of toy you want, and we send you a unique and beautifully hand crafted toy in a color that is unlike any other you’ve seen before. You’ll get the same formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, and body safe materials, but for a remarkably low price.” 


I picked the Echo Handle to review because I have grown to love g-spot stimulation and the length, ribbing and handle intrigued me. I had never seen such a long toy!


At first I was skeptical. It looked too simplistic, too unassuming.  I was a bit of a g-spot snob only getting the most expensive and sometimes complicated toys highly recommended by other reviewers.   I was in for an awakening.

Let’s start with the basics.  It has little grooves on the base, perfect for my hand to fit around, and feels good when I grip it.  Now it’s not all soft and spongy like some of my favorite dildos (Maverick by Vixskin) which I can fondle endlessly, but has a really firm texture with some bend.

I found myself playing with it, wobbling it back and forth while writing this review, so it may be a great stress reliever toy to batt around as well. In fact, it kind of reminds me of a mini baseball batt and found myself wanting to hit the bed with it!  Just be careful you don’t hit your g-spot too hard!

The length is what really stands out at 11 inches from tip to base, 7 inches insertable, and 1.5 inches girth.  I like to feel quite full inside at times, and the Echo Handle seems just about right.  Not too thick where I have to work hard and use tons of lube, but not too thin to where I’m bored and wondering what’s the point?

I like the idea of the ribbing although I can’t say what it specifically contributes when it’s inside me.  It looks super cool and I love how it leads up to the bulbous head.  For someone who loves a lot of thrusting, the Echo may be great due to the long length and the handy handle, but for me, I like to have something IN me and touching my g-spot consistently, with just a slight amount of occasional thrusting, combined with clit and breast stimulation.

And I could see the handle making maneuvering so much easier for those who have challenges with shorter toys, giving more options with thrusting and mobility.

I thought I would give it a last go in the shower before I wrote this review, and guess what?  I can use it standing up and keep it in by squeezing it between my thighs, (hands free!) while concentrating on other parts of my body. Having it inside me even with no thrusting increases my orgasm. It’s kind of perfect for that! While lying down, though, I notice it can squeeze out pretty easily when I contract, so can’t go hands free unless standing up.

I have some other favorite g-spot toys (including Njoy Pure Wand) and was excited to see how this differed.  It’s unique enough in my collection that I can imagine myself choosing it at least as much as some of my tried and true favorites especially when I want something totally no fuss – not too heavy, no buttons, vibration, or work involved.  There’s just something simple, pleasing and effortless about it!